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Friday, 24 August 2012

Special Star Card

Here is something I really want to show you.
When I recently jumped into a new decade, the card making ladies at The Craft Group set to work to make me something really special.

First I received this beautifully made box incorporating a plastic window which gave me a glimpse of a special card inside. Apparently the window was Hans' idea. That is Elly's husband. Don't you love it when husbands (who have totally different hobbies than their wives) look on and give suggestions for our creations. Sometimes we might think....''you can't be serious!" and sometimes, like with this window idea it's more like 'now why didn't I think of that!?'

Box by Elly.  

Inside was this bulging card, tied closed with a ribbon, full of birthday good wishes and blessings!

When I opened the ribbon and spread the card out I saw that 12 ladies had made a special insert for the card. They made a big star card to display them in.
(Ignore the '50' on the front. Pretend it says '30' which is how I feel. No? Oh OK then.... '40').

Look at the tiny delicate flowers on the front which they actually made from scratch. Impressive!

Mini flowers by Elly.
I untied the ribbon and opened up the card. I tied the ribbon again and displayed it like this for many weeks.

They wanted me to match the insert with the person who made it. I guessed a few but was not that good at it. I guessed the first one was from my Mum, Wil,  because it had a photo of a little 'me' on it. No one else has such cute pictures in their craft stash!

by Wil and Mim
by Ruth and Kitty
by Robin and Jean
by Pat and Elly
by Cheryl and Rita
by  Anne and Valda
There was a really special birthday wish in the bottom of the box.

It is really more than a card! It was a lovely gift and very touching that they would go to all that trouble for me!

Very clever ladies and very thoughtful. You made me feel so special and loved!

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