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Thursday, 9 August 2012

A finished Quilt!

The benefits of being part of a Craft Group is that we often nag  encourage each other to finish a project and that is a good thing!
Last Thursday Bronwyn passed this gorgeous quilt to me to show during Show 'n Tell time. She hadn't shown Karin yet that it was finished. 
Bronwyn is a full time Carer for her mother at home. She bought the kit for her Mum and gave it to her for her birthday 3 years ago. Her mother loved the colours and gave it back to Bronwyn to actually make. For the last 3 years her good friend Karin has been pesting  encouraging her to finish it so her Mum can enjoy it. So the big reveal was on thursday and there was a real look of surprise on Karin's face. See... all that persistence paid off. What a pretty quilt for Bronwyn's Mum to enjoy. 

On the back she used a variegated thread to free form machine quilt, using the flowers as a guide. So it looks pretty on the underside as well.
(I never knew how to spell 'variegated' until now!)

Good on you Bronwyn (and encourager, Karin)
We always celebrate a finished quilt!!!

(How's your unfinished quilts going Karin!?)

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  1. How thankful I am for our craft group the shared friendship support and encouragement the fact we do craft is just a sideline.


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