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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dear Pressure Cooker...

Dear Pressure Cooker,
I am sorry I have been ignoring you.
Please don't be jealous.
My new Slow Cooker has been out on the bench a lot and I do admit that I love it but I will never replace you.
Thank you for rescuing me the other night. I knew I wanted to do something with the kilo of chicken thigh fillets sitting ready in the fridge and I did have plenty of vegies but what I didn't have was TIME!
I had 20 minutes to make something out of that chicken and in 20 minutes.... which included the preparation time, you gave me and my family a super yummy and healthy meal. You are the best.
It didn't take me long to chop some onions and put them with the chicken pieces (each cut in half) into your big shiny pot. Throwing some mixed herbs, salt and pepper onto the chicken didn't take long. That all browned a bit on your base while I quickly speed-peeled 6 whole carrots and washed and top'n tailed a heap of green beans. I had no time to peel the spuds so gave them a quick wash too. I then put  it all into your capable hands.

When the heat is on, you really stand up to the pressure and after 10 minutes of whistling magic, I cooled you down quickly under the cold tap and you presented us with this...

Thankfully I had a little sour cream in the fridge for the potatoes.
YUM! You did a brilliant job. So even though you are old and have a broken handle, you have no need to worry about that shiny new slow cooker we have brought into the kitchen. Old friends are good friends and you have saved me a lot of time on many weeknights! Thanks for helping me feed my family!
love Diana

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