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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A holiday....not!

On friday morning my husband and I went on a lovely early morning drive. We left home at 5:30am and it felt like we were going on holidays! (That's the only time I ever drive anywhere at that hour!)
Our drive took us over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I love 'our' bridge. It is much prettier driving over it than driving through the Harbour tunnel.

Then we got to our destination... The 'before' shot, still smiling and enjoying bending my knees.

Then, here goes, I will be brave and show you the 'after' shot which my husband so sweetly took! (I will make it as small as I can!)

And here is the lovely salmon lunch 2 days later which I could hardly stomach!

Here I am home again. Knee reconstructed with a new ACL! Yay.

So, here I sit. I have a basket of fun things to do and read during my recovery but I haven't been up to touching anything yet. I am keen to do plenty of blogging though as soon as I feel like doing something!
I have learnt a few things from this experience:

* Don't throw a javelin if you haven't thrown one for 30 years.
* If you are going to hospital, pretend you are going on holidays... until you can pretend no longer.
* Find out early in life if you are intolerant to Codine. It could save you a lot of nausea.
* When you feel crook after an anaesthetic, remember it will pass... eventually... I hope.
* Appreciate friends and family who give such lovely well wishes.
* Use the experience to remember to pray more for people with chronic pain and life long illnesses.
* Praise God for every experience and new beginnings.
* Fill your head with lovely songs. I had this comforting one  on 'repeat' in my mind many times.

Greg Attwells' version from his Indi Hymnal album.


  1. Enjoy your rest! It will end soon enough!Take care and keep blogging, reading, crafting and being waited on! Love from Jane P

    1. Oh Diana, I am so glad to see you have still got your sense of humour.


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