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Saturday, 6 August 2011

And the Winner is...

Today was the big day to see who was the winner of the big free magazine giveaway!
The competition was fierce. Those who entered are all equally deserving of this inspiring mag.
Who will win?
How will I randomly choose?
This has to be fair!
Some blogs make use of a random number selector. But I had a much better method.
It involves the following plate. CLICK HERE to find out my method of selection and who the winner is!

There was a grand total of 4 entrants to this free giveaway. Never has there been a free giveaway with such good odds! The 4 contenders are all my lovely friends, in order of entering:

 I decorated a biscuit for each of them, ready to ask one of our family members to choose the winner!
Here I am photographing from behind. I laid them out randomly.

We then asked our youngest family member, Max, if he would be interested in selecting the winner. He agreed. We let him in.

First he licked Marion.

He then licked Jen and Bron (see how they have turned a bit below).
Then he went back to Marion.

He ate Marion...

Completely up! 
Yay Marion, You are the WINNER!!!
But wait, let's give everyone a prize just for being lovely...

After Marion was gone, Max gave everyone a lick.

Bronwyn got a good tasting but wait...

Elly is looking pretty good at this moment. But wait...

Max decided it was time for Jenny to go.

Yay! Jenny, you came SECOND!

Then Max made a swift decision to see Elly come THIRD!

Good bye Elly.
And then last but certainly not least, Max ends off the competition with Bronwyn!

Good bye Bron.

WOW, what tension and excitement on our back verandah!
I am so excited that I have decided that Marion will not win one but 4 magazines, Jenni will get 3, Elly 2 and Bronwyn 1!
Thanks ladies for entering this inaugural event.
Your names will go down in history!

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  1. What a hoot. I haven't laughed so much for ages. I look forward to seeing my prize Diana. Thanks Max for eating me first.


  2. i think the real winner was ....... Max....... what a judge (so willing and careful) any comments on the biscuits Max?

  3. Glad you enjoyed it Marion, I will give you your prize on thursday. I'll pass on your thanks to Max. Bronwyn, in answer to your question, Max says "Woof".

  4. Haha! This is fabulous Diana! What a clever pup! :)


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