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Saturday, 13 August 2011

WOW Stop-motion animation.

As you already know...
Cartoons are made up of 1000's of different drawings, each one slightly different than the previous one. Animations like "Wallace and Gromit" and "Pingu" are the same, except that photos are used instead of drawings. They make up a scene, take a photo, change the scene slightly, take another photo and repeat this 100's or 1000's of times to make something which, when played in quick succession, looks like a moving picture. This is called Stop Motion Animation.Very creative, effective and time consuming! Watch this one. It is the largest in scale of its kind. When you watch it, just remember that the fisherman in the boat is a real person. It's bigger than you think. After clicking on it, click again to see it slightly bigger. Then at the end, click on "WATCH THE MAKING OF HERE". Very interesting.

What does this have to do with Craft? Well isn't it the same thing we do all the time? 1000's of stitches come together to make a beautiful cross stitch, tapestry, knitted rug, crocheted top or quilt. A myriad of brush strokes makes a spectacular painting. 100's of cuts, folds and glueing go together to create a beautiful card to encourage someone or a scrapbooked page to keep special memories.

It makes me think one step further. Our lives are a quick succession of seconds and minutes. What will it look like at the end? It is so great as a Christian, to know that there is a great and loving Director who is in control. He has put me in the picture deliberately. I am not an accident. He will guide the production, forgive the errors and love me until the great eternal ending of bliss with Him in heaven! We might not see the big picture when we look at individual screen shots but God sees the big picture and we have to trust Him to see us through to the end of a life filled with meaning, purpose and beauty.

Have a great weekend!

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