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Monday, 22 August 2011

I feel like eating a banana.

With bananas at $13 a kilo since the cyclones, we have been holding off. Last week I bought 2 bananas and divided them up between the 6 of us. Each one cost about $2.70. Wow, we had a third of a banana each. But, I have seen them for $10 per kilo, so things are looking up. Then I can go back to my normal routine of buying bananas, then those that don't get eaten are put in the freezer where they go black on the outside and gooey on the inside and are perfect for making banana muffins.


  1. Diana, I am missing them soooo much! I used to make banana bread at least once a fortnight! It was my staple, give to new mum, grieving family, neighbours, mummy friends etc! Now it's cookies!
    We have been buying them down here for $7.98! Things are looking up!

  2. I have still been buying Bananas for my dear mum at almost what ever cost it is her favourite food and at 93 I am not going to deny her. My daughter calls her grandma My favourite child...... (sour grapes)


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