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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Easy Star card Tutorial from Elly

Cards. Have you done them yet?
Home made cards are very special and I am very pleased to bring you.... drum roll....
A pictorial tutorial for making these lovely star cards by Elly!

If you attach a hanging thread on it, your card will double as a decoration in the receivers home.
Here's how you do it

From 1 A4 paper you can make 2  starcards.

Picture 1
1. Cut your A4 paper as shown in picture 1.
    You will now have 2 pieces of 11.7 x 21 cm.

Picture 2
2. Cut both pieces as shown in picture 2.
    You will now have 4 triangles.

Picture 3
3. Mark 2 triangles as shown in picture 3 using a soft pencil.
4. Place the unmarked triangles on top of the marked ones with a few pieces of double sided sticky-tape (**)
5. Rub out pencil marks.  
    **  note: please do not use normal glue as this will affect your paper ( paper will curl up)
Picture 4

6. Decorate your card as you wish.
    I decorated my cards with christmas wrapping paper and a few stickers.

Don't waste that rectangular pice of card that you didn't use. Make little"Thankyou" or small gift cards. Here are some that Elly Whipped up using metallic embroidery thread.

Thanks Elly for the tutorial!!!  The Star Cards are perfect for someone who is thinking "Ah! It is december already and I haven't thought about my Christmas Card design!" This card is easy and you only need to buy  packet of A4 paper which is thicker than paper, say 210 gsm.

Have Fun!

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