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Monday, 12 December 2011

Pasta Angel Decorations

Years ago, at 'The Craft Group', we made Pasta Angels for Christmas tree decorations.
I went home and we made heaps of them with the children.
I painted mine with gold spray paint.
I recently came across this one on the web. You can click here to see how they are made. I like it in white.


They are very simple to make. You just need 
* a glue gun
* a round bead (about 15 - 20mm wide). Buy the pasta first to see what sizebead fits best.
* Tube pasta (mastaccioli or rigatoni) for the body
* Farfalle (bow tie) pasta for the wings
* 2 elbow macaroni for the arms
* Risoni (anchellini pasta) for the hair (or normal rice)
* string for hanging
* Spray gold glue, or normal white paint

Just glue together as shown in the picture and paint.
Once you buy all the different pastas, it is best to make a whole batch in one session, or make them with a group of adults or children who are old enough to handle glue guns. 
You can always cook the remaining pasta for dinner!
Click here to go to a google search of images of more ideas.

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