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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to get a lost camera back

In August this year, I lost my little camera. I was annoyed with myself and had no idea where it could be. Months later, someone gave it back to me. She was at a same training weekend I was at and she had given me a lift home. The camera fell out of my bag in her car. She found it a while later and had no idea whose camera it was. She looked at the photos on the camera and boiled it down to someone who was connected to the same soccer team as her boyfriend. My son is in that team! Well, in the end, she asked me if it was mine and my camera and I were happily reunited.
I have read other similar stories and quite often people who find cameras are very willing to return them if they know who the owner is (and if they didn't steal it from you in the first place!).
So if it happens again that I am silly enough to loose my camera and someone lovely and honest finds it, I will make their job a bit easier. The first photo on my camera is a little message...

But I really really will try to be more careful and not loose it again.

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  1. This is a fabulous idea! :) Will definitely be using this one! :) Hope it doesn't get lost again!


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