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Friday, 16 December 2011

Used Stamps for Cards

Today I have a Guest Post by Elly. Thanks El for sharing some of your card making tips with us. Elly is the queen of card making, very resourceful and creative and also a recycling guru. She is always super generous too in sharing her time and talents with others. Here's what she writes...

Everybody gets mail. Especially around Christmas.
But what do you do with the envelope? Of course  it ends up in the recycing-bin. Well Done.
No! Stop!  Don't throw in the ones with a stamp on it.
Do you know that you can create beautiful cards with them?
I fold the stamps and make a “flower”.

 Click on "Read more" to see more. I've made the pictures large so you can see the detail.

If this is not possible then I make cards like these ones.

Great, don’t you think?

So for the future: no stamp ends up in the bin!!
Please collect them, as we ( the ladies of the cardmaking group) are very happy to receive them.
A Big THANKYOU in advance.

I cannot throw a used postage stamp in the bin or even in the recycling bin with out feeling guilty.
And why throw them out when they can be put to good use?


Elly never wastes anything. If you ask her what she does with them, be ready to be amazed!

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