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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Salmon Rolls by Bev. Gluten Free!

I told you about our lovely "High Tea" and about Bev's Salmon Swirly Crepey Rolly things. Well, I admit I was telling you how to make the swirls from memory and maybe that is not such a wise thing. I only missed one ingredient and what is one ingredient between friends?   ;)

Well, to maintain the integrity of my blog, here is the actual recipe for Bev's Salmon Swirley Crepey Roll things which are officially called...

Salmon Rolls. (Gluten Free)
210 g tim red salmon
1 tub 80% fat free Philly cream cheese
2 shallots (white part only) finely chopped
1 pkt "Creative Gourmet" gluten free crepes (frozen section in Woolworths)

Drain, flake and debone the salmon.
Mix together with the cream cheese until well blended then add shallots.
Spread thinly over thawed crepes.
Roll into logs and cut into pinwheels. Can be held in place and served with a toothpick.
Can be frozen.

Thanks Bev. This is a great recipe for taking along to the next 'bring a plate' Christmas party!

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