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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Home made pizza.

How was your Christmas?
Ahhh, time to sit back and do a bit of serious relaxing. (or dream of relaxing).
This is a nice time of year for some good "Slow Food" (as opposed to the fast foods we consumed the week before Christmas when everything was so busy!)

At our house we love a home made pizza night and it goes like this...

I gather up some basic pizza topping ingredients... lebanese bread, cooked chicken, cabanossi, crumbled mince, capsicum, pineapple, tomato paste, bbq sauce, mozzarella and tasty cheese, avocado, mushrooms, fired bacon and pretty much whatever leftovers I have in the fridge. some 'volunteers' help dice everything up and put it into lots of little bowls. 2 bowls of the same thing at either end of a big table is helpful.

We have 2 tiles, one is a round pizza tile which I once found on our Craft Group "Swap Shop" and the other is a matt finish floor tile we bought for super cheap at a tile shop (actually, from memory, he gave it to me for nix when I told him what I wanted it for. It fits perfectly on one shelf in my oven. I put these in the oven and heat the oven before we start.

We all sit at the table and thank God for the fantastic food we are about to savour! Then we go in pairs and put whatever we want on half a piece of lebanese bread. If both people share the same taste, they can make one pizza for 2, or if they want something different, they just make their half the way they like it. On the day I took photos we used smaller breads but we like the larger, thinner lebanese bread more.

As soon as it is finished, they slide their pizza into the hot oven onto the tile. This is possible using a big pizza sized egg flipper thing and a pair of tongs. then we sit and wait and nibble maybe on some of the raw vegies on the table and chat. after 10 minutes those 2 pizzas are ready and 4 people can start eating 9and share with the other hungry ones) while more pizzas are placed in the oven.
Yum. A really cosy night with lots of time to laugh and chat... and eat.

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  1. what a great idea, will do it tonight ( gluten free base and all) Just sent Owen off to Beach mission. His first with all the advice that is parents could give him ( old beach missioners in fact in the days of CSSM. now called SUFM) Aim is the same to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


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