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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Barbara is knitting

Entrelac Knitting. That is the name of this pattern that Barbara used to make this beautiful, super warm jumper. It is also called "Basket Weave" stitch but to sound like a professional knitter, I'll call it "Entrelac" :)  It took Barbara 2 years to make. She had trouble at first until she found someone from the Sutherland Shire Spinners and Weavers Guild to help her. Even though you need a pattern, it really is the sort of thing to be shown to really understand how it works. Then it is not that hard!  Barbara made all her efforts all the more worthwhile by using a good quality yarn - Japanese "novo" wool.

If this is something you'd like to try, or would just like to know how it works, click on this You Tube video. The lady explains it clearly but has a very weird way of holding the yarn when she knits! 

If you are serious about giving it a go, look at this video tutorial for beginners, part one. It goes hand in hand wth the information on this website called "Planet Purl". Here you can become a group member for free and access the information you will need.

Fpr a visual burst of more Entrelac, look at these google images of different ways people have used the pattern. Scarves, bags, hats, rugs.... thanks for the inspiration Barbara!

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  1. Barbara do you take orders.......and Diana hope you gave the model a good deal


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