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Saturday, 11 June 2011

What I did today - Jazz Festival.

On Thursday you can ask me for my autograph.
Fame has touched our family.
I am the mother of a daughter who was part of a group who broke the Guiness World Record for the biggest Saxophone Ensemble. Ever.
Yes folks, she was one  out of 1000 people who played at the Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues festival.

If you look at this photo you can see her. You have to click on the "Saxophony" banner in the photo to make it bigger and then look under the "N" on the banner to see her... Just.
OK, I can hear what you're saying about my claim to fame but I think it is as close as I'm going to (or want to) get.
I had a lovely day with my Dad, my daughter and some very groovy Jazz bands.

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  1. What a name dropper.... saw it on the news..what fun well done mother of a sax player great. photo.


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