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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cake favour boxes by Elly

Once upon a time, a lady at "The Craft Group"celebrated her 25th Wedding Anniversary and her friends gave her a very special cake.

You just HAVE to click on "read more" to reveal an absolute pastry shop full of Elly's  'cakes'.

Ok, so the lady with the anniversary was me and the 'cake' was actually 10 individual boxes in the shape of cake slices. What a lovely surprise! 

Under Elly's guidance, 10 ladies each made a box and put a special treat and a message inside. It was such a lovely thought and I appreciated it SO much! I loved the 25th Anniversary colours and the silver hearts and butterflies fluttering around on the top.

If Elly could coordinate this for a 25th Anniversary, imagine what she would do for her Aunt Therese and Uncle Ton's 60th Anniversary.
Well imagine no longer because I am going to show you.

Elly made 91 cake pieces (boxes) out of paper and filled them with wrapped chocolate bonbons.
She made 7 full cakes of 12 slices each (and some spares).

All the guests at the party received a piece of 'cake' 
as a  take home “thank you” gift. 

There is Elly in the orange top. 

Each slice had the couples' names on the side, a photo on the end and a hand cut out flower on the top.

She made the stand herself which can be used again and again in the future. 
Isn't that a really special memento for guests to take home?

I went searching for some instructions on how to make these yourself. There are many companies who sell the pre-cut card. Click here to see how to fold a box from a bought cut out. (Her boxes are no way as nice as the ones above!)
You can try making your own from scratch. Check out this template , enlarge it and print your own. 

Thanks for the inspiration Elly!

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  1. wow Elly what a beautiful cake and fat free well done I copied my pattern thanks Bronwyn


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